The role of the extender in piping engineering

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   Pipe expansion pipe vibration noise reduction, compensating absorption pipeline axial, lateral and angular displacement, safe and reliable guarantee normal operation of pipeline, is indispensable equipment in the water supply and drainage engineering, in the whole play an important role in water supply and drainage of link. According to the material and pipeline requirements, it can be divided into JSQ metal telescopic and XSQ rubber extender. Today, hao Yang equipment technicians will introduce the main contents of the casing extender.

Casing expansion is made up of body tube, telescopic tube, pressure and sealing ring of the casing expansion pipe is mainly used for water supply and drainage engineering, for the town's tap tap, pump room water meter, valve installation, changing provides a convenient, casing expansion to long away from the use of the pipeline caused by temperature difference between scaling problem, also played a very good filling effect.

  As a result, it can be seen that casing expansion of outstanding performance, so how to install casing expansion is the customers need to pay attention to matters, only the reasonable use and installation to ensure the normal use of casing expansion and extend its life. So what should you pay attention to when installing?

 1. The installation length should be between maximum and minimum length so that adjustments can be made according to actual conditions or problems.

 2, casing expansion when installation, must want to loosen the pressure plate bolt, adjust the length of the installation, then diagonally to tighten bolts, don't pressure deviation, so as not to have the effect of seepage.

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