Analysis of working principle of haoyang sleeve retracer

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Pipe telescopic connection:
  Flange connection, welding two kinds, direct buried type telescopic (non - ditch, installation of well) generally use welding.

Tube telescopic scope:

  Due to expansion appliance has the good comprehensive performance, so it is widely used in chemical industry, building, water supply, water drainage, oil, light and heavy industry, freezing, sanitary, plumbing, fire protection, electric power and other infrastructure.

The action of the casing extender

    Casing extenders are also known as telescopic sections, expansion joints, compensators.

Casing expansion in a certain range can be axial expansion, can overcome the pipe is not within an Angle of axial offset, can greatly convenient valve pipe installation and disassembly, free expansion in the pipeline allows expansion amount, once across its biggest ACTS as expansion amount limit, to ensure the safe operation of pipeline. Mainly to ensure the safe operation of pipeline, it has the following functions: compensation absorption pipe axial direction, transverse and angular heat deformation; Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the influence of equipment vibration on pipeline; Absorbing earthquake and subsidence to the deformation of pipe. This product provides a great convenience for the installation and disassembly of various water supply and drainage pipes, water tower, water pump, water meter and valve, which can provide a good adjustment function for the long distance pipe.

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