About us

persistent pursuit  HaoYang zhiyuan,

Start from the white beach side hard, shandong heze HaoYang equipment manufacturing co., LTD., after more than half a century reform tide and the baptism of market economy, witnessed the hardship of the development of Chinese enterprises. The scale and strength of the industry has grown, becoming the industry leader.

A drop of water can see the sea. For such a journey, we feel gratified and proud, which embodies the wisdom and painstaking efforts of all the haoyang people, and more because of our persistent pursuit of haoyang's cause.

In times of trouble, we see hope. In adversity, we know how to stay. Not to be blind, not to back down, to persevere, to watch. To be worthy of the first, worthy of the mission, worthy of The Times, will write a more glorious future in history.

The development practice of haoyang group every step of the development of the force.

Because of our dedication, we are full of passion, innovation-driven, and cultural leadership. We are committed to building a century-old foundation and achieving the enterprise of The Times.

Because of persistence, we share the same creativity, strive for excellence, while creating value, happiness employees, achievement customers, give back to the community.

Persistent achievement dream, haoyang eventually can reach.