The working principle of telescopic and telescopic joint in pipeline

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Expansion joints, expansion joints, compensators and expansion joints are also known as expansion joints. Because expansion joint series products belong to metal products, its strong tensile and compressive strength, soft sealing performance is superior, convenient loading and unloading, and other functions, is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, water supply and drainage and sewage treatment and other industries, the main role in water pump in the connection between the valves and pipes.

Expansion joint in the pipe run multidirectional displacement effect to a certain extent, to the pipeline in operation due to the heat bilges cold shrink, tectonic subsidence and stress produces an important expansion compensation effect, therefore, expansion joint can alleviate the blind thrust in pipeline operation, the protection of pipelines play a role, especially for pipeline installation and maintenance provides great convenience.

  A drainage pipe is a system of canals and ancillary facilities that collect and discharge sewage, waste water and rainwater. Pipes, branches, and pipes to the plant, whether built on the street or anywhere else, as long as they are drainage, should be counted as drainage pipes. Expansion joint in the drainage pipe is used in the scale of allowing free expansion, once more than its biggest expansion amount limit, ensure the safety of pipeline operation, especially suitable for the vibration or a certain slope and curve of pipeline connection.

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